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Provides the patient a comfortable, retentive, unbreakable, and aesthetic appliance
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Provides the patient a comfortable, retentive, unbreakable, and aesthetic appliance that is virtually undetectable in the mouth.
The process is non-invasive, making it ideal for patients with a low threshold for pain and/or the very elderly. It's unique characteristics utilizes tissue undercuts and portions of abutment teeth for retention.

TCS® Unbreakable is an extremely resilient high-performance thermoplastic used for the fabrication of removable flexible partials.

In chemical terms, TCS Unbreakable is a polyamide, a biocompatible, nylon-based thermoplastic polymer that blends so naturally with the surrounding tissue and gums that it is virtually unnoticeable in the mouth.

Biocompatibility makes it a good choice for patients with acrylic allergies.

As the name implies, TCS Unbreakable is extremely strong, yet it is much thinner and lighter than conventional appliances, with a low water absorption rate.

It's low water absorption rate means the partial will not warp nor become brittle. In addition, it has a retentive memory that is unsurpassed by other thermoplastics.

Unsightly metal clasps are gone forever with TCS Unbreakable. Its tissue-colored clasps are designed to blend with natural dentition.

TCS Unbreakable is available in four shades: light pink, standard pink, light ethnic and dark ethnic. We can rebase, repair and add teeth to TCS.


What To Send Digital

Scans or .stl file's of the arch requiring restoration and opposing 
We print models from your file's.

What To Send

  • Full Models taken with alginate impression material

  • Tooth Shade

  • Bite registration if bite is not obvious


Some of our flexibles

Tips for a Successful TCS Case:

  • Use Alginate impression material.

  • Send bite registration and tooth shade.

  • Try-in recommended for bilateral free end saddles or multiple anterior tooth partials.

  • Not recommended for immediates.

  • Immerse in hot water just before insert.

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