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LaserCUSING ® revolutionizes the dental industry


With the generative metal laser melting process, dental products such as crowns, copings, model casts and secondary constructions are produced economically! Due to the standardized manufacturing process, one-of-a-kind or small series can be manufactured in consistently high quality.

High-quality, perfectly fitting dentures made of cobalt-chrome, titanium or precious metal alloys 
- virtually overnight!

The DENTAURUM Group, a leader in the field of precious metal-free dental alloys, is our partner and exclusively produces powder materials for processing according to the LaserCUSING ® process, which are exclusively available to Concept Laser customers. 

Two clinically proven precious metal alloys that were previously as an alloy in 
were available form of casting cylinders and as a mill blank, are now to refer exclusively as a laser-fusible powder material over Concept Laser: 


The Process


  • The dental laboratory sends us a digital file  or a model via our customer portal. The .stl files of all scanners are accepted.
    We then design the framework .

  • Using laser-sintering technology, we then proceed to manufacture the design directly in 3D printers.

  • Finally, depending on the option the laboratory chose, we’ll finish the framework and ship it

                                                 Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the Australian and New-Zealand dental market with an outsourcing solution for the manufacturing of top quality laser-sintered cobalt chrome partials.
Melbourne Dental Services endeavor to provide the best possible product to our customer’s, on time and at a competitive price.

A better business starts with you!

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