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Additive manufactured RPD frameworks Vs Traditional Cast RPD frameworks

Mr Glenn Campbell  Mr Frank Alifui-Segbaya  Dr Jane Evans

Mr Glenn Campbell
MDentTech in Prosthetics

Bachelor of Oral Health · Masters dental technology in prosthetics ·Griffith University
Glenn is a prosthetists, also owner operator of Dentures By Design Clinic.


Mr Frank Alifui-Segbaya
Currently PhD candidate

Dr Jane Evans

Associate Professor

The BSEM image of DMLS Co-Cr alloy at x500 magnification
Additive manufacturing by laser sintering  or melting joins metal powders to accomplish: Almost 100% DENSITY FINER MICROSTRUCTURE SUPERIOR HOMOGENEITY Traditional casting can lead to Miscasts, Porosity, Investment Inclusions










                                     ADVANTAGES FOR CLINICIAN AND LAB

  • Reduction in environmental impact due to waste reduction

  • Ability to recall, change design and remanufacture without needing to change entire process

  • Share designs through web based services between Clinician and Technician

  • Shorter Process Workflow

    You can now offer your patients 3D laser printed pure chrome partials, knowing exactly their makeup.
    Every frame comes with a certificate of authenticity.
                                                           WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?

    Patient Focused Research Best Practice is a technique or methodology that, through experience and research, has been proven to reliably lead to a desired result.
    Results in providing patients with the highest quality prosthesis










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